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Z790 Strix E-Gaming with Custom Water Cooling problem

Level 11
Just switched from a 690 Hero to a 790 Strix E Gaming Wi FI. Tried to mount my EK-Quantum Velocity² D-RGB - 1700 Nickel + Plexi Water Block from my 690 build. It will not contact the CPU, there are capacitors or something standing taller than the CPU blocking the WB?

I can not find anything, concerning this, on any forums I have reviewed that discuss this as problem.

Is this a Z790 problem or just a Strix problem? Recommended WB?

Also is this a bad MB for my new 13900KS build.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.

Level 11
Wait, I may have been having a senior moment. There appeared to be interference, but I believe it is mounted now. Time will tell.