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Single thread performance, need help!

Level 7
Hey guys, My name is surge, I run a huge minecraft server, I have hit the hardware limits for my server and actually need to build a physical server and collocate it in order to increase my player count for my server any further.

The server runs java 7, it basically executes a jar file and listens on a port and then just lets people play the game. However the software is written in such a way where it does 90% of its work in the main game loop. The main game loop runs on a single thread. So ... In conclusion I am completely limited by single thread performance.

Scaling of minecraft servers - Basically there is software that allows you to have a network of small instances, Minecraft has many sub game modes. Basically there are hunger games, or faction pvp servers. It is the same game, but you play it completely differently. Some sub gamemodes like hunger games stack very well, you can literally have a network with hundeds of servers. But faction servers do not stack at all. If you split a big faction server into two faction servers, you literally ruin it. The more people are in a single world, the more exponentially fun faction servers are. So I am basically limited by single thread performance and I want to make a massive faction server. So I need to get a CPU that has the best single thread performance there is, then apply the highest safe overclock possible and ship it to a datacenter.

I've been looking at this website a lot
and the more I look, the more bs it seems. There was a laptop there in the number one slot at one point.

How can I figure out what is the best cpu in the world for single thread performance?

Level 40
Haswell currently.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 17
Single-threaded performance is very variable, especially with the TurboBoost stuff now available. However, the best, as @HiViz said, is to get the Haswell with the fastest clock speed that you can, and run that.
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