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RTX 3080 Strix have a red light on the first pcie cable and voltage is unstable

Level 7
Hi, well my problem is something that never happened to me with any other card it have a red light on the first cable of the pcie and it never turns off even if the pc is completely off except if i turn down the PSU of course and then seeing the gpu boost of the card is really little and then if i try to change it manually it is unstable and is not worth it i already checked my PSU and it works perfectly fine i have a ryzen 5 3600 this rtx 3080 a 850 watts 80 plus gold from Aorus and a X570 Crosshair, well i unlocked the power limit of my gpu to see if there was problems or something and well in benchmarks it goes to 450 watts to even sometimes 470 watts that is more than the max that is limited for i already take her out and put it in again changed using another cables and still being the same i forgot to say i have a M.2 of 240 GB and HDD of 1TB thats all i hope someone can help me with it

greetings and i hope someone can help me ❤️

Level 12
Is the red light always on or flashing?
May I know how you judge voltage is unstable? Do you have issues when it goes to 450 watts or 470 watts in benchmark?
If you overclock GPU, how do you overclock it? Which app do you use and which settings are changed?
Could you please help to describe your issue and settings in detail?
May I have the serial number of GPU and motherboard via PM?
Thank you.

hi is always on voltage is unstable because it cries so much to go out of stock frequencies and well the overclock is like not working for say it in some form no i dont have any issue when it goes to 450 watts of 470 watts, when i overclock my gpu or i go manual 50 to 50 until it crash and i go back to highest score but with this one is not working i do it with msi afterburner and i raise up core voltage, core clock , temp limit to max and power limit to max the point the overclocking doesnt work in the memory yes but in core clock never yes it goes up but it always crash at some point, well i saw i can not make a good setting by myself so i went to curve editor clicked on it and oc scanner let that work and says max core clock 88 mhz memory 200 mhz after that it says voltage unstable and this stuff so it ends up just doing nothing except turn up the memory
P.D. I sent u a PM with the serial numbers

Level 12
I'm afraid msi afterburner is not our app, and looks like you want some experience sharing for GPU overclock, so I'll move this thread to OVERCLOCKING & TWEAKING.
Hope you can get more experience there.
Thank you.

by the way is not about overclock i still wanting to fix that red light if it can get possible i just want to know how, about the overcloking i can use gpu tweak 3 there is no problem with it if that is the problem