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QFan in bios and changing the temperature sensor

Level 7
Hey all,

Is it really not possible to do fan curves in BIOS based on anything else than CPU temp? I been googling around, and it seems like the internet says no.

Level 7

You can, where it says CPU, change it to any of the sources you have available in the drop down list.

Level 7

you could also use a variable temperature senso that used in most home thermostat control system * the new ones that have the flat pwm style plugs that are usually used on gpus. * those sensors have a really good range of temperatures and you can just solder their leads to the motherboard temp plugs if youre mobo has that feature.   i read an article about this when i was putting my custom loop together.  plus having it separate from the mother board will help you diagnose any problems down the road *  🤤