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Not hitting single core 4550mhz on 5800X3D on B450-F Gaming.

Level 9

Hi, i know all core boost of 5800X3D is 4450mhz and i hit that on all cores but what i am not seeing is single core ever reaching 4550mhz. My motherboard is ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming and latest BIOS. Is there something in the options i need to disable or enable to reach that on single core?

Off topic but I would like to know if any custom BIOS exists to enable PCIe 4.0 and PBO2 curve control for 5800X3D because i already use PBO2 Tool in windows and have it set to -21 -30 --21 -30 -30 -30 -30 -30 but would like to set this in BIOS instead of software since it allows my CPU to reach all core 4450mhz and reduces my temps and now that i have a gen4 M.2 SSD i would like to experiment with PCIe 4.0 even if it is unreliable because you can manually limit the bandwidth of it so it wont glitch and would still be faster than PCIe 3.0


Level 9

I eventually figured out what combination of settings i need to change/enable/disable etc so that i get the 4.55ghz boost on 2 cores and the L3 Cache according to OCCT and HWINFO and at the same time can get the 4.45ghz all core boost held stable without clock-stretching. Would be nice if it was setup that way by default to begin with because it took me a few hours of messing around with the PBO in  XFR, SMT cppc c states etc whilst running quick benchmarks between changes.