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How to create an account and join a team at HWBOT - Tutorial

Level 10
Create an account at HWBOT and join a Team

If you aren't already register, here are the few steps to create an account at HWBOT:
1. Go to website
2. Click on the top left corner "Register"

3. You can choose to register a new account or register with your social media account Facebook, Google + or Twitter. To register a new account, fill the mandatory fields.

4. Complete the registration by clicking on "Complete sign up"

Join a Team

If you already join a team and you wish to join a team you need to:
1. Login into your account
2. Click on the top left corner "My account"

3. In the "Team" category, choose your Team you want to join.

Once the team joined, the category "My team: will appear between "my profile" and "my account" on the top left corner.

Tutorial video on How to customize your profile

On this link, you can find a tutorial video on how to customize your profile at HWBOT.
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !

Level 7
Is this team still active? Currently I am on the rookies of the united states team as I am new to hwbot and in a pretty good position. 2nd place for my team and 27th in the rookie league. I would like to join a team with active teammates.

My profile on hwbot is here,

I am new to OC-esports and learning a lot as I compete in the different competitions but it would be nice to have access to people with more experience and actually work with some people towards a common goal in OC-Esports on hwbot.