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Help!! Horrible fps with gtx 1070 after playing around with it

Level 7
Never mind. Its Cause I forgot to plug it in Lol. Phew . So now that that's cleared up I know how to undervolt the cpu but could someone explain to me how to undervolt the gpu using the msi afterburner? Somehow I can't get it to work

Level 40
Redline017 wrote:
I forgot to plug it in Lol

Hehe...that reminds me of the time....ahem...what am I I've never done that :rolleyes::o

Level 14
If you google you will probably find a guide someone has posted, you have to use the curve method within AB to set your max clock at a lower voltage point then drag every voltage point after that to a straight line, a real PITA if you ask me. But you could save $00.05 a month on your electric bill
I don't really see a reason to do this myself as Nvidia has the voltage and speed boost about as good as you can get it for performance and power saving.
There is nothing wrong with default settings, an 8700K and GTX 1070 is pretty damn fast right out of the box, that is as long as you don't forget to connect the power cables:)