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Undervolting 13900KS on Z790 Hero / VF points

I'm using ROG Maximus Z790 Hero in combo with Intel i9-13900KS, the latest BIOS.1. Trying to use "Voltage/Frequency points" which are used in the process of overclocking or tuning the performance of a CPU. I have found that the voltage offset from al...

Undervolting my Ryzen 3900X

Hi, I have been playing around with my BIOS config and have managed to get my 3900X running at 4.15GHz on all cores on 1.1v.   Temps are staying at around 60c with a 240mm Coirsair H115i and TDP is at 58w during a stress test:. Is this any...

metz_86 by Level 7
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Question on 4x16 at 3600mhz

So just a quick rundown heres my specsryzen 5 5600gasus prime b550 plusBios is updated to current build4x16 ddr4 tridentz neo f4-3600c-64 gtznc kitcl16-19-19-39After going into bios and using ai tweaker i endabled DOCP AND CHOSE 3600MHZ. EVERYTHING E...

13900K Overclocking with ASUS ROG Z790-H

Hello,I have a 13900K cooled by a 360mm AIO. I currently also have an ASUS ROG Z790-H paired with 32 GB (16X2) G.Skill F5 DDR5 6400 Ram.So I am not sure if this is normal behavior but by default P-Core #6 and #7 overclock to 5800 while P-Core 1-5 max...