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Level 7
I am having mother boarding overheating issues causing my Call Of Duty to crash. Any help? any specific ways to underclock my cpu and force it to run slower. It seems like disabling overclocking is a chore now and overclocking comes factory out of the box which I don't like. Maybe I am wrong here? Installing AMD Master Ryzen Rn btw

Processor AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor 3.70 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB ROG STRIX mITX AM4 mobo



Level 7

Hey ConcurrentFlame-

A few quick questions for you!

What are you seeing that's leading you to the conclusion the motherboard is overheating?

Have you tried running other games or benchmarks, and do they have crashing issues as well?

When call of duty crashes, what happens?

And just to be sure, is everything on stock clocks/voltages including GPU?

Your CPU appears to be running at 79C while idle?!? (first image, in the BIOS screen, where there should be minimal load on it)

That seems like a problem to me. My 5950X doesn't run that hot when running 32 thread stress tests. Is your case able to pull air in ok? Hopefully you're not running it on the carpeted floor with those bottom intake fans?

Also, why have you set your CPU and chasssis fans to "Ignore"? That's just the monitoring page, but seems odd to ignore their speed.

Level 7
That looks like you have a seating issue with your HSF remove it, Clean it off aswell as the CPU's IHS, repaste the CPU with thermal paste and reinstall it if you still have problems with heat after that let us know