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8600k 5ghz+ Help

Level 7
Hi all im new in the forum i recently got to finish my build and decided to overclock it. My specs;

Prime z370-a
F4-3200C16D-16GTZ gskill trident-z 16gb 3200 cl16
h100i v2
fractal design define s

So far i was running 4.8@1.27v in bios without avx offset and 1.26v in hwinfo with llc level 6
i was running 1.26v in bios but i had a freeze while playing gw2 when alt+tabbing but i was using night light in windows and i had crashes like that in my old laptop too so i dont think it was the voltage issue i had run prime95 avx load for 10mins and aida stress test for 20 mins or so with the 1.26v

Right now im looking to improve the oc and need recommendations on the settings i should set in the bios for high overclocks.

I think there is a bclk problem in my system it doesnt stay at a stable number it keeps jumping around 100mhz (99.93-100.05) and jumps are happening fast it doesnt stay on a value for more than half a second. My older systems had static bclk so i am wondering if it is a problem or not.

I'm also possibly looking to overclock the ram as well after the cpu is done.

If you need any more info or pictures let me know and i will try to post them asap.


Level 10
hi there,

kindly google: "spread spectrum".
It explains the fluctuation in your BLK.
It is a functions ccontrolled via Bios.
It helps with interference.

There are Yay and NAy sayers, so kindly do your own research.


(my Bios pics are online if'ya wanna look)

Level 7
Thanks should it stop fluctuating if I disable it?
And anything for the oc?

It also drops to 1.248v in prime95 small fft @4.8ghz avx offs. 0 with max Temps around 81 with ambient temp quite high

Level 7
Cpuz shows 1.248v while cinebench is running @4.8ghz 1.27v in bios