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4960X Overclocking Settings?

Level 7
Hi everyone.

Here's the deal.
I have just built a high end rig with an i7 4960X CPU, a Rampage Extreme IV Black Edition mobo, cooled using a corsair h100i liquid cooler. It is built inside a cosmos 2 loaded to the brim with performance fans, so no prob there either.
But the big problem is I have NEVER overclocked in my life having always bought mid-range laptops. I understand the basics, ie just turn up the multipliers for speed and turn up vcore for stability. I also understand that each CPU is different but I was just wondering what kind of settings should I set the CPU voltage to in order to get 4.9 GHz? That's my target. Is this realistic for a typical 4960x? By typical I mean 1 not in the top 10% of overclocking capability. I know they are all slightly different. What kind of voltage has anyone else used? I just don't want to over do it and fry my CPU. Id just like to have some idea of the kind of voltages and speeds I can expect to achieve with this.

And WHAT is the CPU strap?

MoBo= Rampage Extreme IV Black Edition
CPU = i7 4960x (Both 8 pin and 4 pin being used)
CPU Cooler = Corsair h100i (Top of case intake, 2 x 120 fans, configured in push)
RAM = 32 gb Kingston HyperX Beast black (configured in 4 channel)
PSU = Corsair AX860i
Graphics = 1x ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Platinum (Overclocked to 1230 mhz, running at 16x, 4 pin molex AUX power NOT used on board)
Boot Drive = ROG Raidr PciE SSD 225 gb
Storage = 4TB WD Black
Case = Cooler Master Cosmos 2
Replaced Fans: 200mm Bitfinex Spectre Pro (front intake), 2 X Cooler master Turbine master (side exhaust), NZXT FX120 (top exhaust), NZXT FX140 (rear exhaust)
Misc: NZXT HUE, Pioneer BluRay Writer, HyperX Ram Cooler

Hi SoulDragonWithFlow. Temperature controls how far you will be able to overclock. The H100i can handle 1.3v - 1.35v and keep acceptable temps. Not sure if you will be able to hit 4.9 GHz or not, but you want to start out slow and test for stability. I'm not going to tell you how to overclock your cpu because I am not familiar with your board but I just wanted to throw that in there.

cpu strap is used to achieve a higher BCLK overclock.

Ok thanks. Although I will say I am currently on 4.7 GHz on 1.4v and even when the CPU is at 100% using 12 threads of prime95, it stays at around 45 degrees and never got above 53. Not sure if 4.8 will be stable at that voltage on all cores, because I haven't tried it yet but we'll soon see.

wow, I don't how how you are pulling that off but that is outstanding temps at that voltage with the H100i. Temperature says you have headroom to push on. You want to see 80c or below when stress testing. I wouldn't take it past 1.52v even if temps are ok.

Those temps don't sound right to me...not unless you are living in an igloo..and even then. Is the CPU throttling for some reason? For you have the VRM actively cooled? Are you monitoring core temps?

Ikr? Thats what I thought. No I have seen any throttling at that voltage. I've been monitoring cpu temp via the AI suite, and I even verified it using "speed fan". All the cores where well under 70C and some under 60. After a good hour or so, I had got the temp upto 67 or so, although my flat was getting quite hot by then for obvious reasons. And no, I dont have an fan directly on the mobo, but my case fans are configured for v high air flow so maybe a little active cooling from that. I was also using a combination of AI Suite and Rainmeter to monitor the cpu usage and all the cores remained at 100% throughout. I don't know what's wrong. Either way, I'm sticking at 4.8 ghz at 1.47 volts as I don't want to push any more. I've configured a defult bios overclock of 4.7 on boot up at 1.43 v (although I might be able to get that down a touch) and I've configured a couple of profiles in AI Suite so I can get upto 4.8 when I'm doing cpu intensive stuff like file compressing or rendering. I didn't feel comfortable in running at that voltage all the time becuse i didn't want to shortan the life of my cpu too much so I also have configured a 4.5 profile for everyday use.
By the way guys, do you HAVE to overclock RAM when you do this? I wasn't going to bother because I dont run any applications that would get any gain from it. But after seeing almost every overclocking tutorial on YouTube overclock the ram at least some, i am now wondering, is the a reson you have to overclock the ram as well?

Level 40
Hmm OK well high 60s low 70s is a different matter and sounds more normal...though still good ;)( not 45! that had me thinking something is wrong ) and AI suite reports CPU package temp not core temp if I'm not

Honestly I would download RealTempGT and CPUz and do the temp checking and clock watching that way when setting up OCs

No need to OC RAM...only useful in benchmarks...

Level 16
Yeah, 60-70C with a H100 at those voltages is pretty good - do not go higher for 24/7 usage!
What is your ambient temp?

If you start pushing the RAM, most likely you will need to push the CPU voltages too - so the temps will increase…
What is the XMP value of your kit(s) - for a some reason I have the feeling that you're using multiple kits, not a single one...

Level 40
Nice CPU indeed.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
hey SoulDragonWithFlow what settings did you set to get 4.8?
same rig but corsair 2133 at 56gb one stick from kit doa and 295x2 for vid
rampage iv black edition, corsair ax1500i, corei7 4960X 4.00ghz w/ h105, corsair dominator platinum 2133 xmp @ 2.133 ghz, sapphire r9 295x2, 900d flagship.