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2019 challenge stage ii ?

Level 12
I see stage ii is 1 to 6 cores,
being new to submitting scores does this mean I have to disable 12 cores on my 7980xe before running tests:confused:

Level 9
No, you won't be able to submit a benchmark using that processor or if you do it will end up being rejected. With your processor you should be entering:


Level 13
The core counts on all the challenger divisions apply to the native core count.
I have used a 7980xe in the Pro OC and Div I stages.
Div II needs a 9900K, 7820X or 9800X, which are inherently 8-core processors.
A 7800X would work in the 6-core Div III, but I'll be using a 8700K.
The quad core Div IV needs a 7740X, 7700K or 6700K.
Haswell and older 4-core CPUs would place better in the 'legacy' Div VII.

Level 12
Thanks ttOne and good jab383 , still unfamiliar with rules? Will read again and maybe watch a few how to vids.
Just trying to get ROG a few points.:D