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sabbertooth z77 Mother board Won't run at 4.6gig anymore

Level 7
please help my system keeps freezing up,sometimes the sound card is not recognised.Everything was fine for 2 years
then this started to happen.Now i cant go over 4.4ghz and my memory wont run at 2133.
It seems to run at 2000 when i set timings to 10 9 10 24 corsair vengence red 2133 spec:11 11 11 30 2t
Not sure if its the board or the memory controller on the I7 3770k
doesn't seem to matter what i am running gaming or browsing,installing a game.
I sent the board to Asus they claimed they fixed it.They want me to do a cross shipment.
sorry if this post is in the wrong area,any input would be great.
thank you in advance

Level 7
Just a liittle more info about the memory
I ran memtest 86 for 9 hours no errors

Sorry guys I am new to overclocking and i was hoping some body has an
answer to this problem.
thank you

Hello radioguy728 and welcome

What I would suggest is resetting the bios to defaults and starting over with your overclock. if you're using the cpu level up or auto tune to overclock, try doing it manually.

You don't list the capacity of your ram but you could set it up manually too, but overclock your cpu first to rule out your ram causing the instability.

Once you get your cpu stable then start working with the ram.

Depending on the capacity of ram you have you may need to raise the vccsa voltage a little.

Also I'm not sure of your temps but if your cpu temps are over 75c - 80c you may be experiencing cpu degredation.

Level 7
Thanks Nate,I did go back to default settings and everything seems okay just seems a lot slower.
Sorry the ram is two 4x4 kits for 16-gig.When i first built this system 2 1/2 years ago,everything was set to auto , except for the memory I chose 2133 (manual) did not use xmp profile and my cpu set at 4.6ghz but i think i had the voltage set for auto and the minus off set.
So thats why i wonder if either cpu degredation or memory controller on the cpu is going out.
Temp seems to be okay 155 degrees F when running Realbench stress test,also forgot to mention for cooling
corsair h60.Every time the system crashes I go into the bios/Digi and the cpu current capability setting goes up to 140%
and i re set it to 100%,that seem odd to me

I think part of your problem with the ram is combining 2 kits, even though they are the exact same kits it might work but itmay give you problems like you are experiencing.

It's best to get a single kit of the capacity you want.

Your cpu temps are fine so cpu degredation isn't an issue and yes set your cpu voltage manually too, doing this will ensure stability.

You should let the cpu current capability to 140% it helps when overclocking your cpu.

Level 7
Hello Nate, Right now i set the memory to 2000 and set the timings to 12-12-12-28 2T a little on the loose side voltage left on auto,the funny thing is it ran at 2133 for 2 plus years and no issues.I did set cpu manually to 1.205 v @ 4.4gig,
If i try 4.6g i get bsod even changing the voltage to 1.220.So for right now 4.4g is okay at 1.205. hopefully the memory will run at 2000 , if not 1866 is stable 10-11-10 27 2t.Just trying to get the fastest stable speed without freeze ups.
Is there better timing for this ram ?

Thank you for your help again