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RIVF CPU Q LED is red: CPU Dead?

Level 7
I'm running a Rampage IV Formula with a 3930k OC'd to 4.5ghz and running stable for over a year.

Last week I upgraded my PSU to a Corsair AX1200i and my GFX cards to a pair of GTX Titan Blacks.

Had some issues with the Titan's but a clean driver install and a different SLI bridge fixed that.

Tonight while playing DOTA2 my machine power-down/rebooted without warning, on start up everything seemed OK, no idea why it rebooted, no warning of the CPU overheating, no mention at post that the OC failed.

I thought maybe we had a micro-power-cut or something.

Restarted DOTA2 and reconnected to the game, it happened again, only now, while everything powers up, I'm getting no post, the two LED error dials are inactive and the Q LED beside the 24pin power has a red led for CPU.

So I'm thinking my CPU died, but I'm unsure how to act from here. Do I need a new CPU, a new mobo, both?

Any help/suggestions much appreciated.

Level 40
Hi EL_MUERk0 🙂

Have you cleared CMOS and checked your power connections are making good contact etc?

Do you still have the old PSU about to troubleshoot?