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Maximus VI Gene and 4790K won't POST

Level 8
I have a Maximus VI Gene with BIOS version 1603, a 4790K CPU and a Corsair AX760 power supply.

The motherboard is sitting on the box it was packaged in.

The CPU is installed with no pins damaged. This was verified with a magnifying glass.

The front panel cable is connected.

The 24-pin power cable is connected.

The monitor is connected to the motherboard via HDMI.

The motherboard will power up.

If a fan cable is connected to a fan header, the fan will spin.

This system will not POST and displays Q Code 00.

The motherboard was RMA'd to Asus.

The CPU was RMA'd to Intel.

The motherboard will not post and is still displaying Q Code 00.

Any ideas ?

Level 8
The board also needs the 8-pin 12-volt power cable. The symptom of lacking that connection is Q-Code 00.


Thanks for the quick reply.

That was the problem.

Connecting the EATX12V cable now allows the motherboard to POST.

The manual states that Q-Code 00 is not used.

How did you know about the relationship between the code 00 and the 12V rail ?

Is it documented somewhere ?

Level 8
You've seen what is documented about code 00. With some experience (it's happened to me a few times), I picked up that code 00 occurs when the BIOS POST can't even get started. That's a sign of a completely dead motherboard or CPU. In this case, I noticed that the EATX12V cable wasn't included in your careful list of connections. That absence causes temporarily dead motherboard voltage regulators and consequently a dead CPU. 2+2.



Thank you for the detailed explanation.

Perhaps Asus support should update the meaning of Q-Code 00 in the manual.

I wonder if that would explain some of the mysterious "won't POST" and "code 00" problems I've read elsewhere.