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Maximus V Formula Tfx Sound & Video Issues

Level 7
After my PC is on for several hours or more, when I play ANY video or audio I get distortion, crackling/popping audio, skipping/pausing videos, and erratic playback.

This happens with any type of video or audio file on my PC's local storage (mov, avi, mp4, h264, mts, mp3, wav, aif etc.) and also with any streaming audio or videos on the internet (youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, pandora, etc.) - it seems to universally effect all audio and video playback.

If I restart my PC everything plays perfectly for a couple hours, then it starts happening again.

PC Specs:
Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Motherboard
Intel 3770K
32GB Corsair Dominator Memory
Seasonic SS-1050XM Gold PSU
Asus GTX 780 3GB GPU
Crucial M500 SSD

I'm not 100% sure that this is an issue with the motherboard, but from my tests so far it seems likely.

I swapped out the video card for an older GTX 570 and had the same issues. I used an external sound card and had the same issues, I used an internal Creative sound card and had the same issues. I booted from a different Samsung 840 EVO SSD with a different OS installed and it had the same issues.

I have not attempted to swap out the PSU, motherboard, or memory yet.

Any ideas? Does this sound like a motherboard issue or something else?