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i7 950 & Corsair Vengeance & Rampage III Extreme - DRAM Q_LED

Level 7
Hi Everyone,

Im hoping you will be able to point me in the right direction, I have been getting this kit together over a long period of time, so although it is relatively old, the kit itself has only just been turned on

I am having an issue getting the system to post, I turn it on, everything powers up, but the DRAM Q_LED light stays red
I am able to boot in to the OS after I clr CMOS but as soon as I restart/shutdown I get the same issue again when the machine comes back on

I have unplugged everything that isnt necessary, so at the moment I have;
750W PSU (cant remember exact model, but can look when home, but I think it is Antec)
12GB Corsair Vengeance
Very low end GPU (again will confirm model when home)
i7-950 and standard heat sink
32GB SSD (with an OS on it, Win8 64bit)


I have not done any sort of overclocking so at the moment everything in the BIOS is seto to AUTO/Default
The BIOS was updated last night to v1502 but the same issue happens

When the OS does boot I can see the correct CPU and RAM

It has been a while since I built a PC, and as I mentioned this was put together over quite a long time, I started off with a view to get it completed quickly but other things came up which meant I wasnt able to continue with the build as planned

Thanks for any help

Level 15
Welcome to the ROG forums, Sam.

Make sure you're using the red slots and you've properly seated each module. Then proceed download and run one to two cycles of Memtest96+ on your RAM. You can find a guide on using that utility linked in my signature ifyou need help with it. Report back with your results.

Hi Chino
Thanks for the welcome, I have run Memtest for almost 2 passes, I have run out of time this evening to complete 2 passes fully or do it module by module but please see attached images of the outcome of the test I did with all three modules

As you can see there are plenty of errors - is there any point to me trying module by module or is it quite conclusive that memory is the issue here?
If so I will see about a warranty replacement (if there is anything left on the kit!)

(Hope the attachments work as I'm using iPhone at the moment - if not ill upload in the morning)


Level 40
Please do try module by module.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.