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Help! I get the Overclock Failed! Enter F2 to enter for Bios setup

Level 7

I have a Rampage IV Extreme with 64 gigs of Corsair XMS3 1600, 3930k system. Every once in a while I will get the Overclock Failed! message at the start up of my machine. I read somewhere that one guy had the same problem and he changed out his power supply and the problem went away. I attached the 4pin power connector and it does it less but it still happens.

Do I need a new power supply? This is what I'm running:

PSU: 700 Thermaltake Toughpower
6 internal sata drives (Mechanical)
1 Samsung 840 Pro SSD sata drive
1 Bluray Drive
1 Kona 3 card (pci video editing card)
1 GTX 580 EVGA Classified 3 gig card
1 PCI firewire 800 card
64 gigs (8 dim modules) Corsair XMS 3 memory
Intel i7 3930k overclocked to 4.5ghz

Any help would be great!


Level 40
Hi Miro30 🙂

Actually I would suspect your RAM before anything that one 64GB kit or individual sticks or a mix of more than one kit?

Try running with just one stick and see if everything works fine.....

Your best bet on getting at least some of it up and running will be to set up manually not XMP if several kits...

Hi Arne,

It's 8 gig ram modules. The error doesn't show up everytime, and I can run my computer all day and render video and graphics.


Level 16
Arne's advice is a good one. You should test your RAM and you didn't mention if you bought 1x64GB RAM kit or you mixed and matched several 8GB DIMMs or 2x 32GB kits etc.

That said, that PSU is running close to its limit. I would suggest getting a quality 1kw unit. Those mechanical drives can draw as much as 35W each on spinup (during boot) that translates to 210W for the mechanical drives alone. You may be spot on on your diagnosis.:)
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They are 8 gig modules (8 x 8 =64), Corsair XMS 3.

Thanks for the info!


Miro30 wrote:
They are 8 gig modules (8 x 8 =64), Corsair XMS 3.

Thanks for the info!


A single kit consists of matched and paired sticks of ram that make up a set. They are sold as one product not made up of multiple kits.

Even though sticks can be the same make and model, and have the same tier 1 memory timings that does not make them the same or even compatible. The chips used to fabricate the memory are most probably from different batches and have different properties. All that the vendor is looking for in a kit is to meet the spec. That is why 64GB kits are so expensive, because it is not easy to get 64GB to play nice together.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 40
Hi haven't really answered the question your RAM like this kit ? If so I would be semi happy but if you have combined dual channel or two quad channel kits even of the same make and model then problems like the OC failed message are very common. Can you post the exact model you have?

You also have an OC on the CPU which may be the only real way to know is to remove the CPU OC ( Clear CMOS and GPU OC if you have one) and test to see if this happens.... and if it still does then I would Memtest 86+ the RAM at stock and your day to day settings to make sure it is working as it should. If so then you will have eliminated two of the most common causes of that error message and could go on to swap out your PSU or disconnect everything non essential for boot up the mechanical drives etc. to see if power draw is the problem.

But yes, OCing the 3930 is going to tax your PSU and running the rest of your components might put it at it's limit...

When you said the 4 pin power connector did you mean the floppy connector on the EZ plug for extra power to RAM?

Hi Arne,

Yes I connected the 4 pin (floppy) to the EZ connector.

My memory is Dual Channel, 1600, DDR3, not mixing the kits, they are all identical.


Level 10
On the sides of your sticks, can you list each sticks "Revision" number? It would be immensely helpful in ruling out a number of potential causes (it's on the sticker on the side of each stick, says "Rev5.12" or something).

Also, if you haven't done so already, plug in the 4-pin Floppy Disk Drive Power Connector (just below and to the right of the rear I/O ports). This provides extra 12v current specifically to the DRAM, and is there for helping ensure 8-DIMM setups work (although I just use it to get MOAR power when pushing my 4x4 kits 🙂 ).

Level 40
Well, as a few of us have been saying one dual channel kit is only guaranteed to work as that kit...even if you get another kit that seems "identical" will not be. If you are trying to run 4 dual channel kits as 64GB I think maybe your problems stem from that...

If you separate the kits and just run one of them I'm pretty sure your problems will evaporate. Maybe, because that is not high frequency RAM, you can get away with running two kits together? but your best bet would be to set up the RAM manually and you might need to tweak voltages etc. and even then it is not certain that you would have a happy outcome...