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BlueScreen's issue

Level 7
I'm a new owner a PC last time I use only notebooks.
I have computer on specs:

  • Asus Maximus VII Ranger (BIOS ver. 1104)
  • Intel i5 4690k + SilentiumPC Spartan Pro (HE924) V2
  • G.Skill TridentX 2x4096@2400MHz
  • Asus GTX 760
  • Kingston HyperX 3k 240GB
  • Cooler Master ThunderM 620W

I have set ferq. CPU turbo mode to 4.4GHz on AI Suite on 5-way optization. In first build i don't have a GPU and haven't that problem,
i add GPU later and now have issue because first have sometimes similar case to like Power OFF a electric enegry in house,
now sometimes have bluescreens(now) during play in games(recently GTA IV - codepost in that time on mobo: 30).
Temperatures IDLE(AI Suite 3):

  • CPU: 33°C
  • GPU: 32°C
  • MOBO: 31°C

Temperatures Stress(RealBench v2.41):

  • CPU:

    • Core 0: 88°C
    • Core 1: 86°C
    • Core 2: 88°C
    • Core 3: 79°C

  • GPU: Sorry I forget 😕

So probably i give all information, else no sorry please ask me, and if i make thread in bad section please to move 🙂
BTW: My english can be on little level, so sorry if i do mistakes and please use too little english in reply's because must understand it 😄

Level 8
Return CPU to stock frequencies and try again. There is no guarantee that the CPU will be stable above stock frequencies. If that solves your problem, you need to seek aid to tweak your OC.

Yes, already i clear cmos by button on mobo and using a PC on default settings(only set freq. RAM from 1600 to stock 2400MHz :D)
So i understand sufficient that cooler to 4.4GHz settings(worst than box cooler from intel? :O)?

Level 8
Below 90°C on stress tests is not too bad with stock cooler. It is more likely that RAM causes instability. Try them at 1600MHz (which is actual max stock speed according to DDR3 specifications).

I played again in GTA IV - now on stock freq. CPU but RAM freq. 2400MHz with X.M.P and haven't now blue screen. I testing further that settings, if got again bluescreen go to freq. 1600MHz.
BTW: I using freq. 2400MHz from the begining build computer.