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Hello,Anyone experienced the following with the mentioned board:After 6/10 system starts my system don't see the LAN adapter or my mouse at all. I need to restart the system or replug my mouse to solve the issue. I've experienced the mouse connection...

theprob by Level 7
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ROG Crosshair X670E Hero RAID AND M2 PROBLEM

Hi i have this mb and 3 nvme disks... i ve done raid 0 on 2 disks they are exactly the same 500gb and 500gb but my problem is that the 3d disk dissapears from the installation on windows when i enter the raid drivers and in windows i try to find the...

Asusu Maximus Ranger Vii not booting

Hey, hoping someone can help me.My Asus Maximus Rantger VII is not booting up. it doesn't post and error codes cycle.I removed everything except some ram sticks.I have cleaned up any dustI have changed the CMOSI have reseated the board. but also test...

padraic by Level 7
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M.2 Issue with my asus maximus VII Ranger

Hello everyone , I'm new here i bought a few weeks ago a very nice M.2 SSD , i checked everything and all appeared like it is compatible,like it's PCIE (the only protocol M.2 SSD supported on this motherboard ) .But the thing is i pluged it like 3 ti...