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ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Ti DP/HDMI Ports problem.

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Hello guys!.

I bought a year ago a GTX 1080 Ti from Asus and the one thing that doesn't working properly are ports in this GPU.
From left - there are 5 visual ports: 1. DP, DVI-D (bottom) 2.DP, 3.HDMI 4.HDMI

Problem is: The first DP don't working at all (when i plug in cable there, the monitor [AOC U2879VF] showing active status [the white diode telling that "it's working"] but screen became black (there is light up to the black color... ah you know what i mean then the screen shuts down and tells: No Signal.) This port NEVER worked.

The second DP working properly and this is only one i can use.

The first HDMI... i don't know when it want to work or not. It's total random.
The second HDMI: just same like first one.

Drivers are up to date (398.36) but i don't know it's necessary information when these ports are not working properly since first launch in my PC.

Sorry for my english, it's not my native language but i think you can understand what i have on mind.

Level 7
Sounds like a hardware problem.
Nevertheless, try

Deepcuts wrote:
Sounds like a hardware problem.
Nevertheless, try

Well... it recognized that "i need some update" but it's doesn't fix anything...

Level 7
We just tried to replicate the issue using the same card (STRIX 1080 Ti) using an ASUS Swift PG27V monitor. The display detects both HDMI ports and DP ports when hot plugging between each in the OS. We encountered no issues. Card detects and outputs using whichever port is used (only have to select either HDMI / DP input in monitor OSD).

Things you can test. Could possibly be a cable problem - try different set of cables. Could also be monitor problem - try another monitor to check. If you still encounter these issues after testing, you can contact local ASUS support center and send the card to be tested and possibly RMA'd. (RMA procedure details here:

Good luck. Please feel free to update us regarding progress / outcome.

Level 7
It seems like these HDMI's are working again. (I performed some reboots with and without monitor and it's work good now). But this first DP is still unusable.
I tried to change DP version (from 1.2 to 1.1) but this time port shut down much faster.

Hm... i just reported that to my local shopping vendor (where i purchased an GPU)
Also... i use one DP cable in second (DP) port and... works allright. Can you tell me that this first DP port is somehow diffrend from this second one? Maybe by this difference my monitor is black? But... i think you may be right with this cable...

Can someone prefer me the "badass, full 100% legit" cable that can handle "new vision technologies"? c: