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ASUS Matrix GTX 580 Platinum PCI spacing on Z68 GENE-Z

Level 7
Hi I just wanted to know if installing this card will the one PCI-E x4 slot be able to be used for my Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Sound card or will that slot be taken up if so I will have to get the GTX580 Gainward Phantom 3gb card which is my second choice as I really want the ASUS ROG version.

Any help on this would be really appreciated. Thankyou.
Intel i72600k@4.6-1.39v, ASUS Maximus IV Gene-z, 8GB 1866mhz G-Skill Ripjaws @2133mhz9-10-11-28 T2,MSI GTX680@1192/+550memclock/stock voltage, Thermaltake Level10GT, Corsair H100, Antec HighCurrentGamer900W PSU, Intel 310series 120GB SSD, 2x2TB Samsung spinpoint F3's,NZXT Sentry2

Level 7
The PCI x4 slot is right at the bottom of the board and the card will not block the slot.
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