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Anyone running SLI?

Good day to all ROGer's

Some say SLI is dying, some say SLI is dead altogether, well i say it depends on the games you play.

I haven't run SLI since the 600 series and it worked very good in the games that support it. True, all games don't support SLI but the ones that do, show a nice increase in performance.

So, I started this thread for anyone who is running SLI of any gpu generation to post their performance in games, that goes for anyone with 2000 series gpu's which now uses NVLink.

I'll start off with the first game I tested which was Destiny 2, performance and gameplay are excellent with SLI. There are texture issues at times but this is a problem with the recording.

Come one, come all, I'd like to see SLI performance in the games you play.

Frames Per Second in the upper right corner in green.


Cool Dave, yes I would like to see how Xfire is working for you, please post all you want.

The above ram settings were too good to be true so after tuning it a bit I settled on 3600MHz 15-15-15-30-1N timings which I'm happy with.


Now that I can test some more games, FAR CRY 5 plays well in SLI but DOES NOT max out the gpu's. I could enable V-Sync and keep locked at 60FPS which is fine for me but this would bother me more if I had a 4k 144Hz monitor. It's showing the cpu running at 4600MHz but it's just reading the multiplier of x46, the cpu is running at 5.2GHz as shown in HWinfo above.

While SLI does work it's not working like it should, so to me Far Cry 5 is an SLI fail.

Hey Arne, I'm still deciding if I made the right move going with SLI.

Next up is Cysis 3, yeah yeah I know it's a 6 year old game but it still chomps hard at today's hardware. I start off in 1440p and the gpu's are not maxed out, then I switch to a little higher than 4k resolution, the gpu's max out and scale nicely but I hit the power limit as you see the gpu frequency and voltage throttle.

For Crysis 3, I have to say SLI performance is good in 4k resolution. I would think most games if not all games made by crytek would support sli very well.

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Crysis 3 look's amazing with SLI performance. Now, I know which game to buy next time 🙂
It's just too bad I can't run Wolfenstein: New Order with SLI. Some say they can, while I've spent 2 day's configuring my setting's just to run it without bug's.

Hi AS185

As I'm finding out, some games require you to use Nvidia Inspector to get sli working. Once you select the wolfenstein new order game profile you may have to change some settings in section 6 - SLI.


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Hey Nate152,
Cool program however I have no idea how to change the setting's with binary code. 0's & 1's, maybe back in the day.