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Resolved! tuf gaming ax6000

So i have a virgin hub 5 and the tuf ax6000 router. if i connect directly to virgin hub 5 i get 1gig download and 100 upload speed. if i have it in modem mode and connect to my asus router i get 1 gig down but only 3 meg upload speed both hardwired a...

ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Wi-Fi 7 Router

It seems the release of the Wi-Fi 7 Router, GT-BE98 will be "soon".Considering, it took 2 years for the user to gain use of the 6 GHz radio after the AXE11000 was released, anyone have any guesses as to how long it will be before user access to Wi-Fi...

TUF Gaming AX3000 booting me out.

In February there was a firmware update for the AX3000. After updating it came up with an security error while trying to enter the GUI using https. It instructed you to proceed anyway and log in non-secure. Something about the safety certificate bein...

JimmyH by Level 10
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Where's my PC?

I have an RT-AX86U and was just checking the list of clients and do not see the PC I am on right now!  Doing an ipconfig, I have the IP address of this PC and it is in the range of the IP addresses the router can assign to, but not this one.What the ...

GT-AXE11000 monthly disconnects and crashes

Hi everyone, I've been following threads related to the GT-AXE11000 around here and after the last week I've had, I felt the need to ask for help regarding my unstable system. My setup is this router connected to my modem from Comcast (XB-7), and th...

jerzor by Level 7
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Resolved! Garage conversion with internet access

Please can someone advise if I have understood this correctly. I would like to get internet access in a detached garage I plan to convert into an office in my garden. I have a Vodafone router connected to the internet, I want this in my house to carr...

AiMesh Wrong 5ghz repeated

I am running an aimesh system 3x gt-ax11000, and 1x rt-ac3100, all running ethernet as the backhaul.Every firmware since Version, has caused me headaches, all newer firmware cause the rt-ac3100 to repeat my 5ghz network that I have ...

Resolved! Asus RT-AX55 Still No Internet Since

I have this RT-AX55 / AX1800 that went down a week ago (along with two other people who had other model Asus routers)then I saw articles all over the place like this one :

Verizon Red Router.jpg
Norm by Level 9
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