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Trouble mounting backing plate for LC 11 Series AIO to ROG Strix z690-E mobo

Level 7
Not sure if this was the best place for this, but there is not forum for cooling.

I am using the ROG Strix Z690-E motherboard with a core i9-12900K CPU. I want to mount the ROG Strix LC II ARGB 360 AIO cooler.

I am trying to mount the backing plate for the LGA 1700 socket to the Z690-E mobo and the sockets on the backing plate are thicker than the motherboard. When I attach the stand-off screws to these sockets they don't fasten tightly to the mother board and the whole backing plate can freely move around. I don't see how the mounting bracket of the cooler pump can mount securely to the CPU if this is not s tight secure mounting. Anyone else run into this?

Thanks for your help.

I ran into the exact same thing. I have the same motherboard but the 240 version of the ROG Strix LC II ARGB AIO cooler. The backing plate for the LGA 1700 socket does not fasten tightly to the motherboard.

After an hour trying to figure out a solution, I decided to continue with the installation to see what I was working with and figure out a solution. After completing the cooler installation, I found the cooler was mounted very securely against the CPU with no movement at all. When you fasten the 4 screws that hold the cooler against the CPU, they draw the backing plate tightly against the motherboard and the cooler securely against the CPU. It's not the approach I prefer but it works well.

In he end I just turned the standoffs over in the backing plate and mounted them flush with the back of the motherboard. This allowed the standoff screws to tighten against the top of the motherboard without any freedom to move. I'll mount the cooler later today and see what happens.

I've got a ticket in with ASUS, but it could be a week before I get a response.