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Rog thor 1200w + rog z690 maximus hero

Level 7
Hi there.
I'm finalizing my build and i only have to connect my THOR 1200W Aura to my Z690 MAXIMUS HERO Auras.

I'm new to this "led stuff" so i was thinking: on the mobo there is an "addressable gen2 header" wich is in the format "+12v pin | green pin | red pin | blue pin" but the only suitable cable from the PSU is a 3 pin one (see attachment). It seems that the "+12v pin" is missing (and that would make sense)... is that the correct one ?

Thank in advance

Hey MarkFalk, welcome to the ROG forum!

There should be 2 cables for the ROG Thor 1200w that connect to the "Addressable AURA RGB" 2-pin plug on the PSU. One of the cables is like the one in your attachment, but there should also be another like this:

Is there any chance you have a cable like that?