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[Looking for Experter Advice regarding Z790]

Level 9
Hi Asus Forums,
I hope everyone is doing well today.

As you know, I'm about to buy A Z790 Mobo. Which one do you advise me to BUY? I need an expert on this stuff
My budget is for the TOP high-end tier, but I'm also looking for an Extreme OC killer mobo with min failure,

The one im about to buy is :
-Rog Z790 Extreme
-ROG Z790 Apex ( I have multiple people who advise me to buy two stick DIMM in terms of OC, but I'm here to see what the Asus community can advice me before, I BUY random mobo )

As I said, my Budget is open for the top high-end tier, but I want something extraordinary with OC since most threads talk about OC-bugs with DDR5 I Dont mind to buy a mobo from another company but remember i want something with less failure compatibility issue's stuff "Extremly High end tier mobo "

Please note: that I can wait longer want to see your advice and why?