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Hero Z790 + 9800RX grfx card + 2 NVMe in raid 1 for OS now, pcie 5.0 data drive later

Level 7
hello, putting together a Hero Z790 + 6900RX grfx card + 2 1Tb NVMe in raid-1 for the OS now, will be getting a 2Tb PCIe 5.0 NVMe (single, non-raid drive) to use as the main data drive later when they come out

how best to config/setup the grfx card and SSDs for raid-1 ? i understand dropping to x8 for the grfx card if i use the CPU lanes for the drives (don't want to use the chipset lanes if i can help it)

want the OS to be fast now (EVO 980 Pros in a raid-1 will do that), but want to utilize a PCIe 5.0 mode drive when they come out later for the main data drive

how to do the raid with the NMVes drives: using two of the motherboard slots or use the ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 V2 add-in card and do the OS raid there ?

will expect to use the Hyper M.2_1 or the PCIEX16(G5)_2 slot (both of which support PCIe 5.0) for the 5.0 data card later, just trying to wrap my head around a good option

thanks in advance