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Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme: bug report - unable to enable iRST in Advanced Setup

Level 9
Hey there,

this is more like a fun finding, I'm able to enable Intel Rapid Storage Technology in EZ Setup Mode, but not in Advanced Setup, it's not in PCH Storage where it used to be [though not a luckiest place, now I'm finally able to disable SATA controller and still have iRST up and running for my NVMe SSD drives].

Could You prolly put this into root of bottom option of Intel Rapid Stroage Technology? So You can also enable/disable it there, where the drives are listed?

I managed to create raid0 from two ROG Strix SQ7 Gen4 SSD 1TB, so I'll see what'll it do 🙂

So far the new platform rare 😄

Keep up the good work Shamino & Team,

with best regards