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ROG ASUS Z490-I Strix has issues!

Level 7
System only stable with one DIMM installed, doesn't matter which RAM stick I use and doesn't matter which slot I use.
System unstable at XMP speeds, no matter how much I try to play with the BIOS settings. Have tried replacing RAM and PSU.

10700k, win10 64 bit, corsair RM 850x

A bunch of other people have experienced the same issue, and the only fix is to buy a different brand motherboard:

Hoping I can get attention from someone from ASUS here! Asus support has been very unhelpful!
Help please!
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Level 7
Yep. Lets hope this gets fixed via BIOS update. Cannot run XMP1 or 2 with GSkill Ripjaws 32gb. Freezes and reboots multiple times a day regardless of use. I haven't had a critical error in Event Viewer since moving the memory back to stock.

I really don't want to remove the board from my NZXT H1.

I am running 2x16gb Corsair rgb at 3200mhz using xmp with no issues. Maybe its just a issue with G.Skill ram


Shamino wrote:
if 0703 doesnt help , try this:

Neither 0703 nor this one fix my issue. I can boot into windows just fine, but once I set the ram at the rated speed (using XMP), the computer is unstable and can't pass a stress. Thank you for trying to help though! You're the first person ASUS to actually address this problem!
I hope it gets sorted out soon.
What do you think is causing it?