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Intel Virtualization Technology issues on my Z390 MB and possibly on other Intel MBs

Level 10
Please check out my system spec first. I'd like to know who else is experiencing this and if it is specific to my MB or if other MB models are also having this issue.

Intel Virtualization technology is needed for the following:

  • Virtual machines
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Windows Subsystem for Android
  • Virtualization Based Security

The problem is some applications do not function properly with Intel Virtualization technology enabled. Here are the Apps I used and tested:

  • Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) Latest version: (most options are greyed out when Intel VT is enabled)
  • AI suite III - any version (Overclocking is all greyed out)
  • AIDA64 - Any version (Cache and memory benchmark shows that I have a 75-80% hit in performance)

Here is AIDA64 Extreme results with and without Intel VT enabled:





I'm using BIOS version 1903 on my Maximus XI Extreme + 9900k enabling XMP Profile 1 with no CPU OC.