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Rampage IV Black Edition + Corsair Dominator DDR3 2400 (32GB)

Level 7
I just bought the Rampage IV Black Edition and Corsair DDR3 2400 32GB(4x8) modules for it, but the MB is only reading 16. Can anyone help me out for it to read it all?


Level 11
First off is you're memory in all the right slots also make sure the memory sticks are fully seated in the slot..
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I inserted them as per the manual, I'll double check they're inserted proberly. Thanks.

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quad kit or 2 pcs dual channel kits?

Quad channel kit.

I would advise you to try to reseat the ram one at a time and log in to bio to check if the particular ram is being recognize.

In my case, I just bought a one kit 32 GB Cosair dominator 1866mhz (4 x 8 Gb) from amazon. the first time I insert the rams into my RIVBE , I noticed only 24Gb are being recognize. After troubleshooting one slot at a time I realised the first Dimm A1 isnt reading the ram. After a few tries,(taking out and reseating) I finally got my MB to read the 32GB of the ram kit.

Sometimes, the ram may seems to have seated properly but infact its not. Best is to reseat and check the bios to see if it is being recognised.

Also clear cmos if you have select XMP profile previously or the MB may not be able to boot up. Make sure all the 32Gb are being recognised before you select XMP profile.

My 2 Cents 🙂

Thanks Alaxang, I've reseated the DIMMS, and they all appear in BIOS. However, when I go to tools/ASUS DRAM SPD INFORMATION, dimm slots B_1 and D_1 read abnormal. I then switched the dimms around to see if the dimms in the abnormal slots were faulty, but I still read abnormal.

Level 7
do u really need 32gb for gaming?

It's for video editing and graphic design.