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Need help with Crosshair VIII Dark Hero not booting up

Level 7
hi, sorry for bad formatting or wrong category, i never posted here. i need some help with my motherboard, since yesterday my pc refuses to boot when pressing the power on button, and this is nothing new! it did this since i bought the motherboard, i always had to turn the psu OFF and then ON again to be able to press the power on button and use my pc. This has stopped working as of yersterday, the only way to turn on the PC has become to press the reTry button on the motherboard itself, the start button won't work (not even the one on the motherboard itself) i already enabled ERP (s4+s5) but it did nothing. all leds turn off and when i press the power button they turn on but the pc itself doesn't. only the led lights up. i really don't know how to proceed to be able to use my pc and i'm hoping you guys can be of some help. if you need any specs please tell me and i will provide them (i didn't install anything new and i didn't do any modification in the bios, this all happened out of nowhere.)

Level 14
Have you tried a clear CMOS? It's always worth a try when you've got unusual behaviour like that, to eliminate something bad in the BIOS config. If clearing CMOS works or improves things, try running with just "load optimised defaults" and the absolute minimum of BIOS config needed to boot (don't enable XMP, it's a form of overclocking, so run without it for a day or two to see if the behaviour changes). If that works, introduce your BIOS config slowly, running for a while between stages, so you can identify what configuration causes a problem.