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huracan setup

Level 7
hello dear asus Community

so, i bought an asus rog huracan (gtx1080, 16gb ram, 512ssd, 1tb hdd). and i would like to plug in 3 monitors (3x PG287q) on it. the thing is, the gtx 1080 has only 2 display ports and 2 hdmi ports. and as far as i heard (i am a noob with hardware Things) the hdmi does not support 60hz but only 30hz and i would like to have all 3 monitors at 60hz. not necesseraly 4k but at least at 60hz. is there any Problem or solution?

point two: when i open the magnetic cover of my huracan, it looks nothing like the presentation on the page. (there is a metallic plate which covers the whole side behind the grid on the lower left side where you open the cover. therefore i dont see anything of the internals. is that normal?

greetings and thanks in advance