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Help! Configuring RAID 1 - lost data.

Level 7
I've been running my rig for a few months and just had a drive throwing up some errors. I managed to fix them up but thought I'd take the opportunity to secure my most valuable data which is stored on 1x 3TB sata hdd. So I purchased an identical disk and read the Maximus Hero X manual on setting up RAID 1.

Bearing in mind that this is the first time I am setting up a RAID, I read the manual carefully and headed in the UEFI. It says that RAID 1 can be set up with two new disks OR with an existing disk and a new disk. There are NO notes or warning that this will delete the data.

Sure enough, after creating the RAID set my disk is no longer available. The two disks are showing up in Disk Manager (WIn10) as needing to be initialised. I realise straight away that this process has replaced the file table on my disk. 10 years and over 2TB of personal data lost in an instant.

I have now had to purchase the SeaGate Recovery tool and hoping that does its job to recover my files.

Firstly, I wanted to point out that the manual is not clear! If anyone hasn't gone through this before, be warned and I hope that ASUS will update their manuals.

Secondly, I welcome any suggestions on recovering my data (in case the recovery tool fails me).

Thirdly, if anyone knows how this should be set up properly please feel free to comment.

Note: Asus Maximus Hero X, 2x 3TB Toshiba P300 drives for data. OS on separate EVO 980 NVME.