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Best graphics upgrade for Maximus VII Formula

Level 7
Hey all

Hope this thread finds y'all well.

Looking for advice on the best video card upgrade for my system.

My ASUS Maximus VII Formula/4790k build from 2015 is still rockin' strong, but its GTX 670x2 (SLI) are beginning to show their age.

Been eying a 1080 but I ask, is it really worth going for those? Hard to believe but the system is going on almost 4 years old. If for instance, a cheaper 1070 is going to be pretty much as high as one can go before it's just overkill for the mobo, I'd like to go with that option.

Purposes: Gaming, nothing hardcore. GTA5, xPlane, whatever occasional new game might interest me, general photography.

Look forward to the responses.

Happy gaming 🙂

Hi CSquared4290

Welcome to the ROG forum !

I was using two 680's in sli and upgraded to a 980Ti, the 980 Ti was faster by 10-15 FPS at 1440p. A 1070 is on par with the 980 Ti and Titan X maxwell.

If you game at 1440p, a 1080 would be a nice upgrade, although your cpu may slightly hold you back.