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ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING & Secure Boot

Hello,     Im trying to prepare my pc to run Windows 11, but I cant seem to get the secure boot function working properly.I tried to follow the steps listed here: https://rog-forum.asus.com/t5/hardware-build-advice/information-windows-11-get-ready/m-...

Ciablue by Level 1
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ROG STRIX Z790-F Q-LED blinking only at the booting

Hi!I've been with my new pc for a week. It's great, but i'm checking the time for starting the UEFI screen and booting the system is longer than I expected. Since the UEFI screen appears, then Windows 11 loads so fast (Nvme M2 SSD), but when I push t...

Jbegax by Level 7
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Resolved! Help me understand RAM QVL please

The RAM QVL for the Asus Tuf Gaming z690 socket support is a little confusing to me. Please help me understand it. As the picture here shows, I circled the RAM I have for my tuf gaming z690 plus wifi D4. The socket support lists 1,2. Does that mean I...


Strix x570-i stopped working and will not post

I just did a new build on a Strix x570-i and everything went well on first startup and first day. Windows 10 installed without issue, recognized 32 GB RAM and both M.2 SSDs - the system worked great (all drivers installed, I did not update BIOS). T...

mz7nmk by Level 7
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Armory crate not working

Armory crate just does not want to work, and crashes almost always (just hangs actually), and if it somehow manages to launch, it does not show my Strix B550-F motherboard. Tried everything in past few days i could find on internet, cleaned and reins...

[INDEX] All My Firmware/Drivers/Software Threads

Hi everyone,I created this thread in order to simply index all the threads that I offer :Here is the best way to follow my threads (you must be registered and logged in) :1) Open in a new tab all the interesting and useful threads for your products f...

MoKiChU by Level 17
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