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Advice regarding WiFi antenna

Level 7

I have recently made mini-ITX build using the ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING motherboard.

One thing which has been a focus for me is a very minimalistic computer and desktop, with as few cables as possible - and here comes my problem:

I am very sad about the cabled WiFi antenna extension as seen on this picture
I would much prefer to just have regular antenna that stick out on the back of the motherboard.

But does anyone know if I can just buy any regular antenna with the right connector? Do I need a special antenna to boost both the WIFI and the bluetooth, like the cabled antenna which came along with the motherboard?

The threaded connectors should work with a standard antenna but your signal strength may not be as good. It depends on where your access point is located.
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Thank you for the answer. Do you know if a standard antenna would boost the bluetooth signal as well? or only wifi?

Interesting question. Never thought about that but I doubt you'd see a significant difference. It's designed to be low power and short range. The main reason I doubt you'd see much range difference is that it is 2-way communication and no matter how you upgrade your PC the paired device will still only be able to transmit so far.
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I have no idea what the connector is for the Asus supplied WiFi/Bluetooth combo antenna is. Seems like to me that if you can find another with same connectors, it might be worth a try.
Another thought. If you were to tear open on of those Asus antennas, you'd find the length of wire that is needed for the WiFi/Bluetooth frequency. After all, regardless of the fancy or bizarre style, an antenna is just a hunk of wire that is the correct length for the frequency. Build your own: