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Hub disconnects when power disconnects

Level 7

Hello,I have a usb c dock which supports pd, i play games using external ssd but it disconnects for a second when power goes.

Any solution to this issue?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Vivekkumarrox ,

To further investigate your issue, could you please provide us with the model of your laptop?
You mentioned that when the power disconnects, the SSD connected to the USB-C dock disconnects for a second. Just to clarify, are you referring to disconnecting the power source from the laptop itself? Also, does the USB-C dock have its own separate power source? Thank you.

I have ROG Ally Z1 Extreme. It has only 1 usb c port for charging and connecting accessories. 

When i use a hub which supports PD charging. 

So when power goes, hub disconnects for a second and then connects back in a second by the time SSD connected to Hub also disconnects.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Vivekkumarrox ,

Thank you for your reply.
Just want to confirm if you are connecting both the ALLY and SSD to the hub, and then connecting the power supply to the hub to power both the SSD and ALLY?
If my description is correct, when the hub's power is removed, the ALLY won't shut down due to its built-in battery. However, since the hub do not have built-in battery power, removing the hub's power will cause them to immediately lose power and switch to being powered by the ALLY, leading to a disconnection issue. I hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you.