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BIOS 338. Problem with Charger Asus rog ally

Level 8

Hello! I've encountered an issue with my Asus ROG Ally (2023). Yesterday, I started a game, and after about 1-2 hours of gameplay, something happened that hadn't occurred before the 338 BIOS update. My console stopped charging. The device no longer recognizes the charger. I used the original charger that came with the Asus device, I didn't use any third-party software or programs, and the charger is working fine as it charges other devices without any issues.

The first thing I did was restart the device, and (not immediately, but eventually) the charging started working again. I repeated the game session, and after 30 minutes, the issue happened again, but this time I monitored the resources and noticed that as soon as the CPU temperature reached 95 degrees, the charging stopped. I turned off the game, waited for the temperature to drop, and at around 45-50 degrees, the charging resumed.

I repeated my tests several times, and here's what I found:

  • The device was in Turbo mode (default setting).
  • Before the 338 BIOS update, on version 337, I played the same game (Elden Ring), and the fan was slightly louder, which is noticeable now.
  • Currently, the device heats up to about 95±2 degrees in Turbo mode in about 1.5 hours, and the charging stops.
  • On BIOS version 337, this didn't happen; the temperature was stable at around 83-86 degrees, and there were no issues with charging.
  • On the ASUS forum, I've seen similar issues, and people suggested creating a custom "Manual" turbo mode and increasing the fan speed at certain temperatures.
  • I followed their advice, and to my surprise, for at least 3 hours, the temperature was around 85-87 degrees, and there were no charging issues.

Unfortunately, I only encountered this issue yesterday, and today I have many questions that I would like ASUS to comment on. This is not an isolated incident; it clearly (appears to be) related to their latest BIOS update. I am concerned about other projects and programs that might affect my device. I want to make sure ASUS is aware of the problem and is addressing it.

If anyone else has encountered the same issue, please support this post so it gets more attention. Or am I one of the few unlucky ones?


Accepted Solutions

Customer Service Agent

Hi All,


Thank you for your patience. BIOS 339 has been released through Armoury Crate SE. 

Please try updating to BIOS 339. If you have any concerns after the update, please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you.

View solution in original post


Level 10

OK so i had this problem to but on bios 337. around the time when the new graphics card driver came out that fluid motion thing i noticed my ROG would go to performance mode 15w for a few seconds than kick back to turbo mode 30w the white LED turns off than comes back on, is this happening to you also? i was using the charger 65w that came with the rog. SO what i have done is i bought the ROG ALLY DOCK charger official and im on bios 338 and it hasn't happened since.  


but i noticed my temps are 86-87C now sometimes hits 90C i think in 337 it was around 85-86c maybe even 84c. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @NarzOo ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Level 8

Same issue here happened to me yesterday after updating to 338. Played RDR2 on turbo plugged and after a couple of hours charging stopped. It diverted to my DC profile 18w manual with a higher fan curve and after around 10 mins charging worked. This did not happen to me ever with the previous updates. Using the original charger without any other accessories. It seems to be a temperature issue caused by the BIOS 338 update since they adjusted the fan curve to make it little more silent. I don’t mind the noise at all for as long as the device would work as intended.

Had the same issue.After the  338 update my system would not charge at all. I would leave it on the charger all night and try to play a game the next day and the system would be stuck in a “deep sleep” state with the little white lite showing “charged”.  I would then have to let it sit and let the battery drain, hold the power and volume down buttons down together and hard reboot. At that point the orange charging lite would come back on. I let it sit a while longer, and then start the system and it would boot up…smh. Drove me crazy for a week. I finally decided to do a bios downgrade and everything is back to normal. I went down to 336 just to be safe. I’m staying put for a while until 339 possibly.
Hope this helps….

How do you do a downgrade? 

Customer Service Agent

Hi All,

hank you all for your feedback. Please try rolling back to BIOS version 337 using EZflash. 
We will release a new BIOS version to resolve this issue in the future. I will keep you updated on the progress. Thank you for your understanding.

We’ll look forward to it. Thank you for your assistance!

Level 7

ah I’m having the same issue. made an account here just now to discuss this issue. thanks for the detailed info! 

Level 7

I have the same problem gets well over 90 degrees and stops charging I do a system diagnosis and it kicks the fans in and starts charging again. So annoying as the old bios didn’t do this