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Responce to thread "Virtual Reality Gaming with Oculus Rift "

Level 9
Dont know why you closed the thread "Virtual Reality Gaming with Oculus Rift " Nate152 but here we go.Yes its a new and amazing VR technology and i am running with HTC Vive and Playstation VR and give both the thumb up.More technology in HTC Vive but the Playstation VR is easier to install and run.Try out "Elite Dangerous", amazing is one word.




Hi FonzieBulldog

I closed it because I'm not finished and I didn't want any replies, it's very new to me and I've only had it a couple days. I tried out some of the content that comes with it and it does look amazing. I been doing some research on it and so far I found to get VR with games I'd have to purchase games from the oculus store that support VR or purchase vporX to get stereoscopic 3d with games. I'm not sure it's going to be much of a review now because I don't plan on buying any VR games or buying vporX as a friend of mine let me borrow it while he's on vacation.

I've tried some other games and so far it's just like playing games on a movie theater screen, when I get an achievement it shows close up like it's in 3d but the game itself is not.

Any insight you can give is appreciated. 🙂

Nice that you like this new VR gaming technology when i think its here to stay this time after some other earlier VR tryouts.3D Games and VR 3D is not the same.In a 3D game/movie you get the nice feeling that you could look into the screen or feel that the objects in the 3D game/movie is getting towards you outside this screen.A deeper gaming/movie feeling in another word.But in a VR 3D game you are in the middle of this game and not as an observer from only one angle.Imagine what you are looking on a great forest on a screen and remake this forest to VR where you are standing in the middle of this forest with all the feelings that will start up in your mind when you could look around in a 360 degree angle.Thats the true secret behind the VR popularity.

In other word, you are (in the show) and not only as an observer on the outside.Something i imagine you already now with this Oculus Rift headset.By this date HTC Vive and Oculus Rift runs the show with some better technology but also needs good computer power to run this hardware.
Playstation VR is coming fast in the horizon and in the same time have all these i must have VR games who HTC Vive and Oculus Rift still lacks sometimes when they dont have all these nice game developers who Playstation already have tied up.In the same time i wonder how long it would take for Microsoft to get there XBOX VR kitt on the market when they have stayed quiet in a strange way in all these VR releases.

I changed the thread I started to oculus rift discussion, I'd like to hear what games you play and your thoughts on virutal reality gaming as a whole. 🙂

Level 12
Yea it will be interesting to see where all this goes.I for one will be waiting for others opinions and let the experienced tread the water first.:D