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New FX504GM EN150T Not working with Oculus Rift

Level 7

Thank you for reading my message. I've purchased the VR Ready ASUS FX504GM EN150T laptop on 23/11/2018 and yesterday I bought an Oculus Rift 09/01/2019

I have 3 USB ports on this laptop, 2x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0.

I have plugged the sensor 1 into the USB 3.0, sensor 2 into USB 2.0 and the headset into USB 3.0 and HDMI

The sensor setup and guardian setup of the Oculus works fine without any problems. The problems start when I enter the game menu. I can see the touch controllers (my hands), but then the room starts jerk and jump after around 30 seconds. I sometimes hear the windows sound for a device being plugged in. I receive a warning regarding the sensors.

If I exit the Oculus app or go through the sensor setup again all is fine, but I often have to restart the laptop, as the sound sometimes disappears. I've also had it where the sensors are no longer detectable and a restart of the laptop is needed. I've also had the laptop crash on me (blue screen), which is something I've seen only 3 times since buying the laptop on 23rd November 2018.

I would like to know what I need to do in order to get the Oculus working and stable. I've tried running a game and that also starts jumping and the game eventually crashes with me losing the sound every time (requiring a laptop restart). Menu or game the jerking and jumping is horrible.

I would have to say the laptop is stable and I've not had many issues with it until trying to use the Oculus. I have also only installed software McAfee virus (disabled to test), Fusion 360 CAD and Office 2010.

Please can you give me a list of things I can do to diagnose the problems or adjust on the laptop so I can have the Oculus running without fault?

Also, do you have any reports of other FX504GM EN150 users experiencing Oculus issues?

Here are a list of things I've tried:

1) Installed the latest Oculus drivers.
2) Disabled all USB power saving.
3) Ran a repair Oculus Home
4) Set the preferred graphics processor in the Manage 3D settings of the NVIDIA control panel to "High performance NVIDIA processor"
5) Updated the NVIDIA graphics driver to the latest version.
6) Updated the Chipset drivers

All of the above has made no change to the issue.

Kindest regards,