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Favorite Games Of All-Time

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Hey everyone,
As stated in the title, which are your's? 🙂
First game I played was Contra on Commodore 64 😛 Continued on from there to a PC, I started playing Fifa 97 then C&C: Red Alert, year by year Fifa title's and I met my match with Dead Space, Singularity & DOOM. Those are my top 3 so far 🙂

Level 40

Level 11
I started with the Links LS golf sim but have been hooked on the Hitman series for several years. If it isn't Hitman I don't care any more. See my avatar for conformation.

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Cool. I spent a lot of hours also on the Hitman franchise. I seemed to enjoy the most Hitman: Contract's.
As of late, I don't game anymore on it. I don't know, I think I'm getting old 😛

Level 8
X-Com Enemy Unknown/UFO Defense

Honorable Mention: Fallout 1 and 2

best ever

Level 13
perhaps: drakan - order of the flame.

my first aerial dragonfight.
the game that made my first pc (well, not actually,but..) feel like an actual gaming god.

have been stuck with 486s, pentium I for the longest time in childhood.
no siggy, saw stuff that made me sad.

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For the longest time that I can remember, I've been computing on AMD processor's. When I bought a couple years ago Intel i7 965 Extreme Edition, I thought I was truly lost in virtual reality while playing Resident Evil 4. Imagine, Melhouse from the Simpson's playing Mortal Kombat 😄
tap002, the first game look's like vintage disk format :cool:

Level 14
I still play Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Level 12
Serious Sam was cool, decent was better , lots of lost sleep between those two haha! Most enjoyable though was mech warrior.
The pc was a gaming turning stone for me after zx80 and comodore64*