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Debate of the best MOBA game, is it LoL, DOTA 2, or something else? [Battle #3]

Level 7
We'll be postponing the winners announcement to Dec 30th, the winners for Battle #3 will be posted up on ROG Website


The third battle is a new type of battle; it’s a “debate.” Share with us your thoughts on which game title you feel is the true champion of MOBA games. The obvious choices are LoL (League of Legends) and DOTA 2, but is there something else that belongs in this discussion?

This battle begins on December 8th 2016 at 8:00pm (UTC+8) and ends on December 22nd 2016 at 8:00pm (UTC+8).

Don’t just share your choice, tell us why and prove it with your passion for the game! Only one submission for this topic but you may discuss and debate with others to earn additional entries for the grand prize draw.

See prizes and complete rules below:

Biweekly battle topic prizes
1st Prize – ROG Goodies Box (filled with a ton of exclusive ROG swag)
2nd Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
3rd Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)
4th Prize – Mafia 3 Game Code (digital game code)

Grand Prizes (draw will take place between January 5th 2017 – Janurary 11th 2017)


  • Provide your answer on which game title you think is the best MOBA game and provide your reasoning and facts to back it up. Only entries that meet these criteria will be considered a valid entry.
  • Limit one entry per person for the biweekly prize draw but no limit for additional entries for the grand prize draw
  • Additional qualified replies/comments will earn you additional entries for the grand prize draw. All additional qualified replies/comments on this thread or the other 3 battle topic threads will be accepted as additional entries up until January 4th 2017
  • Qualified replies/comments must have substance and not 1-2 word replies and are helpful in carrying forward the discussion. The eligibility of each reply/comment will be determined by our ROG forum admins.
  • Winners will be announced on the ROG website 4 days after the conclusion of the battle (December 30th 2016).

For complete rules for this campaign, please visit the official campaign thread:
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Level 7
Well, for me I really don't like to compare which one is the best MOBA game because I play DOTA, LoL and Smite. I chose Dota because it's my first ever MOBA game since when I was a kid. I started playing that game and I grew up with it seeing it get mature and improve ever since. I also remember that before we can buy Aegis hahaha. Defense of the Ancients 2 for me is the number one MOBA game because it is well-balanced. The heroes are awesome. They have unique skills that can be enhanced by buying items. You have to be the best at making strategies to be one of the top players out there. Maybe someday you'll see me play in Majors. That's my dream. DOTA 2 IS THE BEST MOBA GAME.

Smite is my favourite moba and i have played LoL Dota2 and heroes of the storm.I like it so much cuz im not a huge fan of mobas and smite is the moba for ppl who dont like mobas.

There is always this misconception that different MOBA players hate each other, but that's just a small majority of the community. We are after all gamers and thus most likely competitive in-game and in the real world, so we feel that need to compete with others regarding our titles we choose to play and love and that's what keeps our favorite titles on tip of there toes to impress and keeps the development cycle active giving us great games in return.

I've been playing DOTA since ice frog was the one and only king of MOBA. So as the game evolved I evolved with it and for me especially looking back I can't believe how far the game has come. For the amount of things that stayed the same, the things that changes just keeps me coming back for more. The excellent mechanics and balance (there has been issues 😮 ) and the community that just keeps getting bigger and bigger makes all the matches a challenge forcing you to up your game and adapt to a ever changing dynamic. That's why DOTA is king and so many other titles copied that same song and dance to compete with it on a global stage.

I haven't played MOBAs extensively before Heroes of the Storm alpha. I've tried wc3 DOTA and LOL, but they never "clicked" to me. Being a Blizzard fan, must have helped, but i found Hots very engaging and fun, without many of the aspects i didn't like in previous titles. I've been playing Hots ever since and game is still fun and fresh for me with the constant updates.