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Steam connection

Hi When I start Skyrim, it connects first with steam. however i am getting the message "steam cannot find an internet connection" and so cannot proceed with the game. anyone got any suggestion on settings to change for this. I have tried disabling t...

Does increasing RAM increase FPS?

Just while ago, I have encountered a question whether increasing RAM will improve FPS in games. Since, RAM is constantly being used to store game information such as textures, maps, animations and more. The more RAM the system has, the more informati...

First game you played on your new gaming laptop was...

I've never owned a high-end gaming laptop, mostly just laptops for school. But now, I just bought the ASUS ROG Strix and I am sooo excited!!! So far I've only done initial backup, installed some programs, and updates so really looking forward to play...

Gaming monitor Zowie

I picked up a 18in g18 with a 4070 for work and gaming on the side.   I tried to hook it up to my zowie and not getting proper refresh rate or frames.I first used a normal hdmi since the laptop only has a hdmi outputthen i tried a 8k hdmi and still t...

ASUS TUF gaming laptop A16

What is the best way to turn off your laptop? ( for longevity of the laptop)Do u just close the lid or press the power button to force turn off? 

PC Freezes Randomly while gaming No error code for QCodes

I currently built a new computer and updated my my board bios version to 1501 and upgrade my ram to DDR5 2*32 at 6800mhz. All of sudden whenever I game my computer freezes and I cant force close task the application I have to hard reset my computer p...

MrGlass by Level 7
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Guys i need anyone or every body whether he/she is professional in gaming , l play football games around 10 years so  can any one tell me what is the best game between PES & FIFA based on how you play one of them ??

Zenphone 10 or motorola edge plus?

Both are priced similar, but the moto has better battery, better speakers, a higher refresh, a bigger screen, more years of software, 512gb as the base model, and faster charging plus reverse wireless charging.I'm coming from an s10 plus but honestly...

nusya by Level 7
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Armory crate, performance vs turbo

Is playing game on performance mode bad, even if pwrformance mode can handle the game jst fine but it may produce more heat because of less fan speed than turbo mode?? This is like so confusing..... someone help,,, (game is valorant 1080p at lowest s...

AmritJ by Level 7
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