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Strix Soar sound card issue

Level 7
I recently upgraded from a Strix Z270 to a Z490 F with an i7 10700K and a Rog 750 PSU, I put my Nvme in and all works ok except the Strix Soar sound card didn't show up, I have tried it in different PCIe slots and it sometimes works and shows in device manager but the minute I reboot is disappears and is grey out and can only be seen in hidden devices, I have tried uninstalling the software after removing the card and reseating it but then it doesn't even show in hidden devices and I have to just keep trying different lanes multiple times before it suddenly shows up again only to disappear after I reinstall the software and have to restart my computer, I restested the card on my other computer and it seems to work fine, can anyone shed some light on this and prehaps solve this for me, also since the upgrade after a reboot things like webpages and apps load slower

Level 7
Sounds like you're having a similar problem as people with soundcards not being detected, just look at the posts below.
Asus are not even admitting there is a problem, my card (Strix Raid pro) takes nearly an an hour to get detected so is unuseable, imho I think it's a firmware problem which is now incompatable with Windows 20H2.
I have a ticket open with Asus and their only advice is they might do a a buy back.

Anyway good luck.