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Does the STX II work with the new X570 AM4 boards?

Level 7
Anyone got any news on this? I don't wanna be the one that takes the plunge buying one only to find out my STX II won't work with it, or reboots whenever I change outputs. I hope the issue has been resolved in the new motherboards, but given the age of this card, I doubt they even looked into it 😞

Level 7
It doesnt work. And its not only about changing the outputs, but the whole system is unstable, as well. I tried different pci-e and different drivers (my favorites taken from, too).
This sound card is dead for AMD, thank you ASUS!

goelr, can you please tell me which motherboard do you have and confirm the model of your Xonar card?
I don't know if you've tried with UNi Xonar v.1.71.1 drivers. It seems the compatibility issues are reduced with this version, but sound quality may be affected with STXII cards. I am currently tracking this with someone.

Varmintbaby, I would say it depends on the motherboard model. It will work with some, but not with others. Here you can find a list I have compiled from the user reports about the compatibility status of their Xonar card and their AM4 motherboard. It currently does not contain entries with STX II cards and X570 motherboards.

I have Crosshair VIII HERO and AMD Ryzen 3700, clean W10 64bit installation. I have tried perhaps every version of your drivers.
The whole system wasnt stable and it wasnt caused by switching outputs. The rebooting of the system was totally random (accounting with listening the music or gaming).

Thank you for the 5 years of great drivers!
Now, I have upgraded to the Schiit stack 2 Uber two days ago.

You are welcome. So your card was the STX II? Thank you for the information.

Yes, it was STX II.


I bought a Ryzen 3800x CPU and an Asus X570 motherboard last week and unfortunately the same error with the STX II. I'm very disappointed.


Nozix, if you can provide me with the exact ASUS X570 model you have. If you still have the STX II card in your system, please take a screenshot of devices and their IRQ (guide here) and upload it somewhere. Only those (PCI) entries are important and make sure that all (PCI) entries are included in the screenshot.
If you can return the ASUS motherboard, then go for a Gigabyte X570, as Gigabyte motherboards generally don't have these issues with STX II cards. If you can't, on this page you can find some things you could try.

Sorry for the late answer.
I have an Asus PRIME X570-P motherboard. I took it out of the PC but I will check on the weekend.
I will try to exchange the motherboard.
Thanks for help Carvedinside!

I took a screenshot from the IRQ.