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Problem with AI Mesh 3 GT-AC5300 FW Version

Level 7

I have had one GT AC5300 for about a year. Awesome router on it's own but even still I had some weak signals in certain areas.
Best Buy Canada had a sale on them for $300, so I bought 2 (yeah, I know probably overkill, but hey I splurged).
My goal was to have one on each floor of the house

I upgraded all the routers to via the build in online upgrade feature.

The one I am using for the Aimesh router is my original one the other two are nodes.

I followed the process exactly as documented
The Aimesh router one detects and finds the nodes just fine.
When I try to "configure" either one it tells me that it is unable to do so.

I have done all kinds of things.
Making sure SSID is not hidden
Making sure WPS is enabled I manually enabled in the AImesh router just in case.
I didn't try to enable it in the nodes though. I suppose I could use the button on the side.

Interestingly, I did not see that the light for the WPS was not on in the AIMesh router, nor was it on in the nodes either.

So now, after searching here, and elsewhere on the web came empty, I am asking the question.

What could possibly be causing this?
I am sure it is possible since these routers are on the list of compatible routers.

Thanks in advance.