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GT-AX11000: Internet connection stops working after setup and plugging in all devices

Level 7
So I got my AX11000 yesterday. Spent some time setting it up and have an issue. What I've been doing is:
- connect the AX11000 to my laptop's ethernet port
- configure settings to what I need
- this includes adding ~20 devices with reserved IPs
- turning on IPv6 (Native mode then IPv6 DNS of Cloudflare and Google)
- turning on Jumbo Frames and link aggregation in the "Swtich" tab

Once I've configured all settings, I turn the AX11000 off then plug my Cox modem into the AX11000's WAN port followed by:
- my desktop PC to the 2.5G port
- my QNAP to ports 1 and 2 (link aggregation)
- port 3 to a Netgear GS110TPP
- port 4 to a Netgear GS105v2

After plugging everything in and turning the AX11000, none of the devices connected to it can get out to the internet though they show that they have a connection.

After performing the above steps several times, sometimes after turning the AX11000 on for the first time after plugging everything in; my desktop PC is able to get online (can browse sites, etc.) for a few minutes then suddenly it can't though the network icon in the Windows taskbar shows it's still connected.

I have updated the AX11000 to the latest available firmware and performed a 30/30/30 reset.

Anyone else having this issue?

Level 7
I'm not having this problem but I don't have quite as much going on either. Before any other trouble shooting, power off your modem and router. Give it about 2 minutes and turn the modem back on. Once its fully booted, power on the router and see if the problem is corrected.
If you're still having problems I would recommend turning off everything you mentioned in your post; jumbo frames, link aggression, ipv6 and disconnect the 2 switches. Start turning the features back on one by one then adding the switches one by one. I believe the switches you're using are managed? If so, double check the settings on them, update their firmware, etc.

also try resetting the router to factory defaults and reconfigure everything

Level 10
try turning open nat off and on again, and also on wan = port forwarding
also double check if thiers any entry thats wrong on wan = virtual server / port forward
happend to me, when i got the unit a entry was on the port forward thats wasnt my ip range and when i use the open nat port forward for games, everytime i reboot or turn off my router it will connect but to the modem and all, but doesnt have internet

iwan = vitual server / port forwarding i had a entry with
open nat port forward = i made a entry to my network in the range

so this one was the culprit on my end