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Enabling 160MHz BW on 5G-2 on GT-AX1100 only gets 80MHz enabled in Wireless Log.

Level 7
ROG GT-AX11000

Enabling 160MHz BW on 5G-2 on GT-AX11000 only gets 80MHz enabled according to the Wireless Log. Firmware Version:

It doesnt matter if you disable the 5G-1 radio in the Professional tab, the 5G-2 never gets 160MHz up according to Wireless log under any circumstance.

5G-1 has no problem enabling 160MHz bandwidth!

Coincidence or not, I noticed the same behavior on the RT-AX92U. 5G-2 could not get 160MHz up according to Wireless log even though it clearly has that option set.

But, I don't believe in coincidences....

So clearly Asus has some work to do on their GT-AX11000 and RT-AX92U to fix true 160MHz setting on the 5G-2 band...

Level 7
On the Advanced - QoS page there is a WMM (WiFi Multimedia) TAB/page with settings for each WiFi Band. Check those settings.

Level 7
I've tested it and you are right. I've send this problem to Asus and hope thei will pick it up.

Level 7
same issue here as well. cant get 1.7gbps on my gaming device that doesnt need to be on the mesh 5ghz

Just bought the router 3 days ago, exact same issue.